Life in Legra Land

Legra Land is a magical place, filled with music, anime, horror movies, good food, arts, crafts, love, and farts.

My grandpa at my age, 34, with my mom at 3.

I told you my hands are always dirty.

The bag and tissue we got for my niece’s birthday present looked like Blanka from Street Fighter…so I gave it a face. #streetfighter #blanka #videogames #birthday #present

Teacup, vase, rice bowl, and dinner plate.


And then there were 2.


It’s like napping with a furry squeaking baby.

Pendant made from a piece of a broken teacup.


@leggy_boo @pandaphy @kyliepiggy @chaos_squirrel Impossible selfie. (at Worlds of Fun)

Jason with the ladies.

Crazy driver!


Uh oh, Syd’s driving!

Sea Dragon!