Life in Legra Land

Legra Land is a magical place, filled with music, anime, horror movies, good food, arts, crafts, love, and farts.

Part of the mock display I put together for my Junkstock application.

Three pretty pendants made from broken antique dishes.

Things are coming together!

I’m going to have the most colorful display ever!

Got the hinges on!

Craft feet!

The rain’s not going to stop me from getting things done!

Time to break some dishes. #work #workspace #myjobisbetterthanyourjob

13 years old and in 8th grade and she’s still given the kids’ menu.

All our black goldfish but two are turning orange.

Pendants I’ve made from broken dishes.

Rockin’ out. #hookedonafeeling

Legra’s hair looked rad today.

A sleepy #beagle on a pile of blankets. #dog #dogs #pets

My #workspace is a comfortable mess.